To the members of the Confratellanza and Lega Femminile Italiana: 

The Confratellanza Italo-Canadese Society is offering several $1,000 scholarships to eligible candidates for the year 2024.

One scholarship is available to this year’s graduating secondary school students planning to enroll in a post-secondary educational institution for the first time in 2024.  To be eligible for this scholarship candidates must 

1) be of Italian origin i.e. as having at least one parent or grandparent of direct Italian descent, 

2) be living in a city or municipality within the 21-member Greater Vancouver Regional District, 

3) have an academic standing sufficient to qualify for entry into the post-secondary institution of their choice, and 

4) submit a completed application form with supporting documentation post-marked or delivered no later than June 15, 2024.

A scholarship is also open to members of the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese and secondary school students or recent secondary school graduates having a parent or legal guardian that is a member in good standing of the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese or its affiliate the Lega Femminile Italiana.  Candidates must have an academic standing, however, sufficient to qualify for the post-secondary institution of their choice and submit a completed application form with supporting documents, post-marked or delivered no later than June 15, 2024.

A person may apply only for one scholarship.

Scholarship winners will be determined by a selection committee appointed by the directors of the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese Society. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.

The Confratellanza will pay the $1,000 scholarships directly to the winners.  This will be done upon presentation of an official receipt of registration and fee payment from the educational institution to which the winners have enrolled.

Each winner will be required to provide his/her photograph and agree to allow their photo and related news release to be circulated and publicized.  Each winner or his/her representative will be required to attend, as a guest, the Confratellanza’s Christopher Columbus banquet at the Italian Cultural Centre in October 2024.

2023 Scholarship Awards 

  • Michela Chalmers

  • Samantha Garcea

  • Tea Berretta

  • Markus Vilio

2022 Scholarship Award

Natalie Viegas - Graduation Photo

Natalie Viegas

Natalie Viegas graduated from Little Flower Academy in Vancouver, and achieved Honours standing each year. Throughout high school, Natalie received a number of awards to recognize her academic excellence, such as the Class Excellence Gold Medal for the highest overall average. In addition, she was a thirteen-time recipient of the Bronze Scholarship Medal for achieving the highest mark in thirteen academic courses, including Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition.

An active member of her school community, Natalie was involved in various extracurricular activities. For five years, she was a competitive debater and public speaker, traveling to Victoria, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Boston to represent her school at the provincial, national, and international levels. The highlights of Natalie’s Public Speaking journey include being a seven-time B.C. Provincial Public Speaking Finalist and advancing to three National Public Speaking Championships. Natalie also competed in three B.C. Provincial Debate Championships and qualified for two National Debate Championships. Notably, she reached the Quarterfinals at Senior Debate Nationals. From the time she was in Grade Ten, Natalie took on leadership positions on her school’s Debate Team to pass on her skills and perspectives to younger students, and she was honored to be named Team Captain in Grade Twelve. Upon her graduation in June, Natalie received a B.C. District Authority Scholarship for her accomplishments in the areas of Debate and Public Speaking. Aside from her extensive involvement in Debate and Speech, Natalie demonstrated leadership through her role as a School Prefect. Furthermore, she was a dedicated writer for her school’s student-led publication, and served as its Co-Editor-in-Chief for two years.

In the wider community, Natalie has volunteered with seniors, helped out at children’s summer camps, and acted as a mentor at reading programs for kids. She has continued to explore her passion for speaking by coaching students at debate camps. What’s more, Natalie co-founded the organization “Canada SPEAK” to instill a love of Speech and Debate in the next generation of speakers. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and the flute.

Natalie is currently studying at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Science. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in healthcare.


Giancarlo Garcea

Giancarlo Garcea graduated from Notre Dame Regional Secondary in Vancouver where he held a rigorous course load specialized for him to pursue his post-secondary career in biological sciences.

He excelled both academically and athletically, earning first honors for five consecutive years and receiving numerous awards acknowledging athletic achievement. These achievements include “Unsung Hero” in 2017 and 2018, and “Most Improved Player” in 2019 and 2020 for football. Giancarlo is an accomplished
multi-sport athlete, playing field lacrosse, box lacrosse, and football all while pursuing his courses. 

By balancing and excelling in his studies and athletics, Giancarlo was recognized with the “Juggler of the Year award”, dedicated to the best student-athlete for each grade in 2020 for his outstanding qualities
and athletic achievements on the football team. The following year he was recognized for being the best
special teams player on the roster for his senior year in 2021. In that same year, he represented the
province by playing outside linebacker on Team BC, with the province’s most appraised football players.
In lacrosse, he played for the Junior Vancouver Stealth and Warriors from 2018 to 2019, where he and
his team would compete in multiple different American tournaments, placing second in both years. 

He then represented Canada in the USBOXLA tournament, playing defense for a winning exhibition game
against Team USA. Giancarlo currently plays box lacrosse for the Burnaby Lakers on their Junior A1 team
as a defender in hopes of one day playing as a professional in the National Lacrosse League. In field
Lacrosse, he played for the Pro Caliber Lacrosse Association, where he traveled the country playing with
the highest caliber players in the province. Giancarlo is currently enrolled at Simon Fraser University in
the Faculty of Sciences studying marine biology. He intends to pursue a career specializing in preserving
and conserving whales as an Ichthyologist. Giancarlo is also pursuing his field lacrosse career as a
defender at SFU to represent Canada in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association.


Hanah Cuccione

Hannah Cuccione is a 2022 graduate from Alpha Secondary in Burnaby British Columbia. She is both pleased and honoured to be receiving this scholarship. Hannah has a always been a strong student. She has achieved honour roll standing all 5 years at Alpha Secondary. With this she also accomplished the principal award and gold cord distinction. Hannah’s 97% grade point average has opened many new doors. She is a driven young lady who sets high standards for herself and continually strives to reach her goals. This work ethic is following her to the university of Victoria where she is currently enrolled in sciences. Hannah has big dreams to study medicine but also looks forward to seeing where her journey takes her. Hannah lives by the motto “it’s a big world, with lots of opportunity to create a positive footprint for her life.”

Alongside Hannah’s strong academic achievements Hannah also filled her life with dance. Hannah studied dance with the highly regarded Rachel Poirier at Poirier Productions. The countless hours spent at the dance studio earned Hannah and her teammates many awards, provincial titles and first place standings at competitions. Hannah truly believes the grit and determination she learned at dance can also be seen in her academic achievements. She had the pleasure of being taught by a wonderful mentor Rachel, who taught so many of her students how to be positive contributing adults.

Hannah really enjoyed being part of many clubs at school. She was part of Leadership, where she was able to be part of a strong community of like minded students. Creating change and positive safe opportunities for her fellow students. Her favourite and strongest role was being a part of the elected grad council. Hannah and 7 other graduating students created, developed, and implemented many grad events for her fellow graduating peers.

Hannah is a strong believer in traditions. She values her family and friends. She appreciates the simple things, (like Nona’s Sunday night dinners) but loves to celebrate major accomplishments, so having said that “thank you again for considering and choosing me for this scholarship. I’m truly honoured.”

Kaitlyn Heslop Grad 2022

Kaitlyn Hislop

Kaitlyn Heslop, a grade 12 graduate from Burnaby Central Secondary School, won the Gold Medal Award in her 2022 graduation class, in recognition of her straight A’s, excellent work habits, and active participation in fine and performing arts, coaching, leadership and athletics. As an outstanding athlete, Kaitlyn was also recognized as the Athlete of the Year at Burnaby Central for her hard work, leadership and dedication on the cross-country running team, track and field team and senior girls soccer team and helped lead each of these teams to the BC High School Provincial Championships. Outside of school, Kaitlyn also participates in numerous club sports as an athlete or coach in soccer, basketball and track and field.

During the pandemic, Kaitlyn found meaningful ways to make a difference in the lives of others. Kaitlyn began volunteering in the Greater Vancouver Food Bank warehouse; and she donated her gently used books, clothing and toys to specific students at a local low-income community school in Burnaby. Kaitlyn and a track teammate also created and led a running club at their high school, allowing students to safely participate in athletics during the COVID-19 restrictions. Through her participation in multiple running events, Kaitlyn has raised funds for numerous foundations, amounting to $1,000 towards cancer and diabetes research, chronic illness, and children with disabilities or economic hardships. In addition, through a self-initiated and self-led fundraiser, Kaitlyn successfully increased awareness of the plight of wildlife and raised $500 for the World Wildlife Fund, by crocheting and gifting Christmas panda ornaments, in exchange for donations to the WWF.

Kaitlyn is currently enrolled in the SFU-Douglas Partnership Program in the Faculty of Environment, pursuing a Bachelor of Environment degree in Global Environmental Systems. Recent extreme weather events have drawn her attention to the severity of global warming and how it can directly impact humanity. Kaitlyn’s passion for the outdoors motivates her to learn more about how humans are impacting the climate and how she can help contribute to a promising future for our youth through a career as an environmental policy consultant or a teacher.

2021 Scholarship Awards

Luca Hanni 

Luca Hanni graduated from Dr. Charles Best Secondary School in Coquitlam where he excelled through an academically focused student career. Luca achieved honors with distinction all throughout high school while maintaining his community positions such as CMFSC divisional referee and player. 

As a French immersion student, Luca excelled through his studies in both French and English, paving the way for the district language authority award, the BC Achievement Award as well as obtaining top student awards for French in both grades 11 and 12. Outside of school Luca volunteered on the PNE youth council where he helped lead discussions to pave the way for new changes surrounding the Hastings Park area. Luca now attends the University of British Columbia where he studies engineering. Hoping to help develop cost effective prosthetics, Luca hopes to go into mechanical engineering in his second year of studies. 

Jade Bragagnolo

Jade Bragagnolo

Jade Bragagnolo graduated this year from South Delta Secondary School and attends the University of Victoria.
Academically, things did not come easily for Jade. An elementary school teacher identified that she didn’t learn like her peers and faced some academic challenges. This was confirmed with a Psychological-Educational Assessment and resulted in the development of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) to address her specific learning challenges. Jade had to work twice as hard as her peers throughout elementary and high school. She spent many late evenings and weekends putting in the extra work to study and finish papers and projects. Jade
is very proud of the work, character and resilience it took to reach her goal of graduating with
good grades and attending the University of Victoria.

Athletically, Jade was a member of her high school gymnastics team for five years and played soccer since she was six years old. With both sports she was able to experience individual and team accolades, including the top provincial high school gymnastics team all five years she competed.

Jade volunteered her time at competitions and fundraising events for her club, Delta Gymnastics Society. Jade has also volunteered with the VPD Soccer Club’s Youth Soccer Camp since she was 12 years old. At her school, and in her community, she has volunteered for a non-profit organization called, The Tekera Foundation since 2015. In 2016, she was the recipient of her school’s annual Citizenship Award. Jade volunteerism continued in high school with Teens for Tekera. She met regularly to organize fundraising projects for The Tekera Foundation. The funds were used for sustainable infrastructure projects like solar panels and lavatories in schools in Tekera, Uganda. In 2019, she became the group’s Fundraising Coordinator. Her role was to develop and organize fundraising events, communicate with our school administration and ensure the success of the events. Additionally, in Grade 12, she volunteered as Grad Committee Secretary.

Jade is currently studying Social Sciences. Her goal is to complete her undergraduate
degree and participate in the Co-Op Program where she will gain valuable work experience.



Angelo Chalmers

Angelo Chalmers graduated from Terry Fox Secondary School in Port Coquitlam where he had a course load designed around his post-secondary targeting accounting. Angelo played on the Terry Fox football team, when he was a junior he played on the senior team as well. In grade ten the senior team went to the high school championship where Angelo helped his make it to the finals. In grade eleven Angelo was named the most valuable player on the senior team.

Angelo takes great pride in his work out routine going to the gym everyday and after graduating continued the high commitment level with a gym membership.

Angelo has taken the same passion and drive to BCIT where he is enrolled in a four year full time program in accounting. His drive and determination will do him well in the future at his job and his personal life.
In Angelo’s spare time he enjoys hanging out with friends and family along with his many vacations cruising, he truly enjoyed the Caribbean island the most to this date and can’t wait for more opportunities to travel with family and friends.

Francesca Voischos

Francesca Voischos graduated from St. John Brebeuf Regional School in Abbotsford where she held a high academic standing, earning honour roll and other academic awards each year, including her school’s Echon Award (an award given to the student with the greatest achievements in overall standards, volunteering, extracurricular, faith, service, involvement, athletics, etc) in her grade 12 year. 

Francesca was also heavily involved with extracurricular activities supporting her school; from being the President of her Student Council to managing the Senior Girls Basketball Team. There wasn’t a moment where she wasn’t in the gym, leading a meeting, or participating wherever she could. Francesca was heavily involved in her school’s Life and Justice Club where she helped organize many events, fundraisers, and talent shows, including a world wide project known as the Value Project. Not only was Francesca the President of her Student Council, Head Score Keeper, and Head Manager of the Senior Girls Basketball Team, she was also the Editor for her school’s newspaper as well as wrote many inspiring articles that contributed to the paper. 

Additionally, Francesca was one of the selected students to go on a Mission Trip to Belize, where she helped build a school library, a fence, a sidewalk, and a cement building. She also got to work with many of the wonderful kids, do home visits, teach the children about Canada, and visit senior citizens. Similarly, Francesca is very heavily involved with her community; volunteering as a Youth Leader, Big Buddy, and throughout the animal world. She was a Youth leader at her Church for over three years as well as volunteered as a Reading Buddy through the City of Surrey. Francesa is currently volunteering at HPS (Horse Protection Society) where she works with retired and rescued horses. She leads the horses outside, feeds them, cleans stalls, helps organize fundraisers, works in the little store, as well as works side by side with the head of the organization. 

Some of Francesca’s hobbies include spending time with her family, reading, writing stories, dirt biking, fixing cars, wakeboarding, horseback riding, camping, acting, collecting old TV shows, and volunteering with animals. Francesca is currently attending the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Science where she will proceed to achieve a major in Biology. 

After finishing her Bachelor degree, Francesca plans on attending the University of Saskatchewan to obtain a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) where she will pursue a career as a Veterinarian.