Event Highlights of the Confratellanza

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2004 100th Anniversary Columbus Banquet

2007 Variety Children’s Charity Donation

2008 Columbus Banquet

Joe Finamore Italian-Canadian of the Year Ricipient

Guest Shots

Awards Acceptance & Presentations

Event Speakers

2009 Donation

St. Francis of Assisi in Memory of Fr. Ponti the Society’s Spiritual Director

2010 Variety Children’s Charity Donation

2010 Director’s Dinner

2010 Columbus Banquet

Domenic & Gloria Cuccione Italian-Canadian of the Year Recipients

Pre-Dinner Reception

Event Speakers

Dinner Guests

Awards Acceptance & Presentations

2010 Confratellanza Donation towards Sunshine Coach

2011 Columbus Day Banquet

October 1 2011

Italian Cultural Centre