To the members of the Confratellanza and Lega Femminile Italiana: 

The Confratellanza Italo-Canadese Society is offering several $1,000 scholarships to eligible candidates for the year 2021.

One scholarship is available to this year’s graduating secondary school students planning to enroll in a post-secondary educational institution for the first time in 2021.  To be eligible for this scholarship candidates must 1) be of Italian origin i.e. as having at least one parent or grandparent of direct Italian descent, 2) be living in a city or municipality within the 21-member Greater Vancouver Regional District, 3) have an academic standing sufficient to qualify for entry into the post-secondary institution of their choice, and 4) submit a completed application form with supporting documentation post-marked or delivered no later than June 15, 2021.

A scholarship is also open to members of the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese and secondary school students or recent secondary school graduates having a parent or legal guardian that is a member in good standing of the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese or its affiliate the Lega Femminile Italiana.  Candidates must have an academic standing, however, sufficient to qualify for the post-secondary institution of their choice and submit a completed application form with supporting documents, post-marked or delivered no later than June 15, 2021.

A person may apply only for one scholarship.

Scholarship winners will be determined by a selection committee appointed by the directors of the Confratellanza Italo-Canadese Society. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.

The Confratellanza will pay the $1,000 scholarships directly to the winners.  This will be done upon presentation of an official receipt of registration and fee payment from the educational institution to which the winners have enrolled.

Each winner will be required to provide his/her photograph and agree to allow their photo and related news release to be circulated and publicized.  Each winner or his/her representative will be required to attend, as a guest, the Confratellanza’s Christopher Columbus banquet at the Italian Cultural Centre in October 2021.